K. L. Gillespie – Dinner Date

Their eyes meet across an overcrowded bus on a rainy October night.

Heather is in her late twenties, strawberry blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes and milky, smooth skin.

Samuel is a couple of years older, dark hair, tanned skin and hungry blue eyes, just Heather’s type.

[private]His clothes scream good catch and he isn’t wearing a wedding ring. Heather smiles to herself as she opens a book from her bag that she has no intention of reading.

Samuel can’t take his eyes off her; she is making his mouth water and by the first stop he is familiar with every curve of her body.

Heather knows he is watching her, so she lowers her eyelids coyly before looking back up and making eye contact with him again. His gaze never wavers and he looks at her hungrily.

She smiles.

He winks.

She blushes.

He licks his lips.

She is attracted to his cocksure confidence.

He is attracted to her frail vulnerability.

They are a match made in heaven, a perfect concoction.

She hopes he fancies her.

He knows he wants her.

She wonders what it would be like to be held in his arms.

He wonders if she would taste better with onion gravy or a béarnaise sauce, roasted or fried.

Her stop arrives and as she gets up to ring the bell he takes hold of her wrist. “Dinner, Friday night?” he asks.

She blushes furiously.

He swallows anxiously.

She nods.

He smiles.

The bus stops and she hands him her phone number.[/private]

K. L. Gillespie writes about masturbating surrealists, blind fantasists, sadomasochists – life, death, sex – lost minds, lost love and lost ways… Her work has previously been published in 3AM Magazine, TANK and The Erotic Review. Her latest book Unlost is out now.

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