The Wait by Antônio Moura

Waiting, standing, on the rock,

between the sea’s green sphere

and the star that nears

every night, you speak

more and more mutely,

with a voice that listens to the bottom

of another voice that comes

and saysandoesn’t in an echo,

in uh? seaweed language,

a wee bit like this deaf sound:

nada, dressed in body and karma

while the world dissolves


Written by Antônio Moura and translated by Stefan Tobler.

Antônio Moura was born in the Brazilian Amazon. He has published four collections of poetry and three of translations, including of César Vallejo. His poems have appeared in contemporary anthologies, including Nothing the Sun Could Not Explain: 20 Contemporary Brazilian Poets. He is currently being translated into Spanish, Catalan, German and English.

Stefan Tobler is a translator from Portuguese and German and the founder of the publisher And Other Stories. In 2009 he completed a doctorate focusing on Antônio Moura. His most recent translation is Clarice Lispector’s Água Viva, to be published by Penguin (UK) and New Directions (US).

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