Autumnal Absences by Fan Zhongyan (989-1052)

To the tune of Sumuzhe (Praying for Heavy Snow)



A green, cloudy sky; and yellow leaves covering the ground –

               there are even autumn colours in the waves.

Over the waves, there hangs an emerald green mist.

Mountains catch the setting sun; sky and water fuse.

               The fragrant grasses are heartless,

but move further, now, beyond the setting sun.

There’s homesickness and wanderlust.

               When each night comes,

only happy dreams afford me sleep.

With the bright moon, on the balcony, I’m not to be alone!

               The wine poured in my worry-guts

transforms itself to lovesick tears.



Translated by Julian Farmer with Liang Yujing.

Julian Farmer
Liang Yujing

Julian Farmer is a poet and translator from several languages, especially French, Classical Greek, Latin, Russian and Classical Chinese. His poems and translations have been published in Acumen, Staple, Stand, London MagazineEpiphanySHOp, and Modern Poetry in Translation.

Liang Yujing was born in Changde, China, and completed an MA in American Literature at Wuhan University in 2007. Now a lecturer at Hunan University of Commerce, he writes in both English and Chinese. His poems in English have recently appeared in Tipton Poetry JournalPortland Review OnlineZouch Magazine, and Wasafiri.

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