Two Poems by Ramon Mello



at the selarón

staircase songs

shattered feelings

coloured under

the rain walking

for months

two hundred and

fifteen degrees to

find out he

does not accept

the black

umbrella it’ll

be a revenge

they ask



I put an ad in the paper

I’ve asked everyone

but no one has news from you

meanwhile the flip-flops

continue to rest in the laundry

area behind the door between

the mop and the floor cloth

since that night I’ve only

walked barefoot

it’s my protest



Written by Ramon Mello and translated by Thereza Rocque da Motta.

Ramon Mello is a poet and journalist, author of “Mouldy Records” (Língua Geral, 2009).

Thereza Christina Rocque da Motta is a poet, editor and publisher at Ibis Libris (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

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