Best Non-Sporting Bets Offered at Sportsbooks

Want to wager on a major sporting event but don’t care about beating the spread? Unsure of what the spread is, or why it must be beat? Don’t worry—more and more sportsbooks are accommodating their most casual sports fans with interesting prop bets that don’t cover athletic performance.

A prop bet (“proposition”) covers anything other than the outcome of a given match. The most popular prop bets cover individual stats from a player, such as whether Kawhi Leonard will score more than forty points in a game. Others, like those listed below, cover the wackier sides of sports.

Those interested in prop bets will have to shop around for the sportsbook with the widest range of offers. For example, one Pointsbet sportsbook review highlights the group’s non-fixed odds system and their betting academy, which is free to newcomers.

A non-fixed odds system means there are fluctuations in a bet’s worth that could work in a bettor’s favor. The betting academy will also be useful for those interested in learning about moneylines and over/unders.

Both are better for a punter interested in stats and analysis, but Pointsbet’s bonus offer of two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000 is a great start to prop betting—so long as terms and conditions allow. Let’s take a look at some of the most fun non-sporting prop bets on offer today.

Super Bowl Half Time Show: Football Props & Mishaps

Most guests at any given Super Bowl party are more likely there for the company, half-time show, and rollout of big-name commercials than they are for the sport. Some fans will stay hunkered near the big screen and stand to shake out their legs when half-time rolls around.

For others, halftime is the only time they’re watching the TV. From J-Lo and Shakira to The Weeknd, the NFL brings on some of the world’s best performers. Even better, those who follow the leading performer stand to win big on prop bets, as they’ll have more insight into the standard performances of a given artist.

Some of the most interesting Super Bowl halftime prop bets cover:

  • How many songs will be played
  • Whether the performer will use a football as a prop
  • How many wardrobe changes will happen
  • Which song will be played first and last
  • Whether the artist will reference certain issues or celebrities

Super Bowl Commercials: Brand Battles

Super Bowl prop bets don’t just cover the halftime performance. Some also cater to advertising buffs who are waiting for the latest in endearing, provoking ads from some of the world’s top brands, including Apple and Jeep.

Some of the most common Super Bowl commercial prop bets cover which commercial will appear first in competing brands. For instance, will Coca-Cola or Pepsi show up first? What about Hyundai or Kia?

Other popular bets offered on commercials cover:

  • How many total ads will run during the Super Bowl
  • Which ad will have the highest ratings (gauged by USA Today stats)

PGA Tour: Fashion & Cursing

Although golf isn’t often associated with the high-octane action and excitement of the NFL (or most other sports), the PGA Tour has some of the funniest prop bets in the industry. Keep in mind that, although the pace is slow and the sport emphasizes technique, golfers are some of the oddest athletes in the world. 

They’ve got nicknames like The Shark and The Scientist. There’s also a surprising amount of bright fashion choices (looking at you, Rickie Fowler). Prop bets target these types of characters, who are often at odds during some incredibly tense moments on the greens.

Some prop bets focus on specific athletes. Tiger Woods, unsurprisingly, sees the most action. Some sportsbooks offer odds on when the first mention of Woods will come up from broadcasters (first hour, second hour, or third). Other wagers are over/unders which cover how many times the pro is brought up throughout a tournament.

Here are a few more stellar PGA Tour prop bets:

  • Which player will first cuss audibly
  • Whether a player will cry on a certain hole
  • What color Rickie Fowler will wear
  • Headwear of tournament winner (hat, visor, or none)
  • Who a champion will hug first after winning

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