The Rise of the Digital Author: Literary Success Within the Virtual Domain

Many of us have nurtured the notion of becoming a successful writer. In the past, such a vision was nearly impossible to achieve due to the sheer logistics. From editing fees and publication rights to altogether traditional concerns such as typesetting and graphical design, such processes could cost well into the thousands of pounds. However, the rise of the Internet has enabled many talented individuals to create literary masterpieces without becoming mired within financial concerns. It is nonetheless a fact that gaining the appropriate amount of exposure is the ultimate key to success. Unfortunately, simply posting one’s work on independent blogs within niche markets might not be sufficient. This is why a growing number of budding writers are choosing to partner with respected enterprise ecommerce software platforms. How can these two seemingly disparate industries work in conjunction and what benefits will they be able to provide the average author?

The Principle Behind E-Commerce

One of the traits which many writers possess is that they are wary about becoming involved within the marketing community. In other words, they place artistic creation before physical sales. While this is indeed a noble trait, the term “starving artist” often comes to mind. It is important to realise that exposure is the ultimate key to success. This is when e-commerce applications will prove themselves to be extremely useful.

E-commerce software bundles are essentially digital platforms which enable a website to gain a greater online audience. While often used by retail businesses and similar trades, the fact of the matter is that writers can just as easily introduce the public to their works via such methods. A greater number of website visitors will naturally equate to a higher turnover in regards to the number of copies sold, so it only makes sense that such software should be embraced as opposed to shunned.

More than One Channel Alone

It is just as critical to mention that the most well-known digital authors are already aware that they must introduce themselves across multiple different platforms. We are not only referring to a static website in this sense. Social media circles, blog posts and online forums are other excellent ways to meet like-minded individuals and to become familiar with the online literary community. This concept is known as multi-channel marketing in more technical terms. However, the principle is nonetheless the same. A greater amount of exposure will help to boost sales alongside the reputation of the author in question.

To be absolutely clear, the physical publication of books is still a viable option and this traditional reading material is not going away any time soon. The key takeaway point is that the emergence of the digital age has opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities for up-and-coming authors. It only makes sense to take advantage of such a medium in order to maximise your chances of enjoying a successful career. From full-length novels to short stories and poetry, the digital age promises to offer a plethora of unique opportunities.

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