The Storyline Behind Slot Games

Slot machines have a long and colourful history that spans more than a century, and have attracted droves of enthusiastic gamers over several generations. In that time they’ve developed and morphed, sometimes into creations that bear strikingly little resemblance to the earliest designs.

The History of Slot Games

The first slot machine was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey, a mechanic from San Francisco. It was called the Liberty Bell and was the first machine to use the, now famous, three spinning reels, featuring symbols from a deck of cards, horseshoes and the eponymous Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell first introduced a lever on the side of the device – where the name “one-armed bandit” originates. Players would insert a coin and pull a lever to spin the reels hoping to match the symbols and win the jackpot.

By the 1960s, electronic components had been added to slot machines, allowing for more complex game play and bigger jackpots. These machines were still operated by pulling a lever but the spinning reels were now controlled by a computer chip.

Video slot machines would revolutionise the market in the 1970s, allowing casinos to update their units without having to substitute entire machines – instead loading new games onto the internal computer hardware. These games replaced the physical spinning reels with a video screen that displayed virtual reels.

Players would still insert a coin and pull a lever or press a button, but the outcome of the game was determined by a computer program. These video slots are the forefathers of modern online slots titles that we know today.

Slot Games Today

Once the technology allowed it, similar versions of the same code could be supported on smaller devices – home computers and eventually smartphones. Now you’re able to access libraries of hundreds of immersive casino slots games via a number of established and new trusted online slot providers.

Although minimalist titles are still available for the purists, the main difference between modern slots and their mechanical ancestors is that nowadays, developers have fewer computational or mechanical limitations and are able to produce significantly more complex titles. Often, they provide a wide range of themes to suit every taste imaginable, and immersive bonus games and features.

Popular Storylines

Modern slots can appear to have more in common with traditional video games than they do the original Liberty Bell machine, and as such, often take the player on a story throughout their gaming session. Popular storylines you’re likely to encounter while playing slots include:

  • Ancient Egypt

One look at the Las Vegas strip and the Luxor’s gargantuan obsidian pyramid and replica sphinx, and you’ll know that the casino has a long standing fascination with ancient Egypt. A time of wonder shrouded in mystery, many modern slots titles will see the player exploring hidden tombs and uncovering lost treasure.

  • The Gold Rush

Whether the 1848 to 1855 California Gold Rush or the Klondike Gold Rush 50 years later, it’s obvious why these periods throughout history, where thousands of prospectors went in search of their fortunes, make for an exciting backdrop to a casino game. There was an element of chance involved in choosing the right spot to dig for precious metals which makes for an uncanny parallel to the world of slots. Load up your pick axes and TNT and head off on an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Your Favourite TV Show or Movie

Another popular theme for slots to follow is to officially collaborate with a popular TV show or movie franchise. Games based on gripping dramas like “The Walking Dead” can more readily follow the plot of their small screen counterparts but even game shows like “Deal or No Deal” have been given the online slot machine treatment, where players go through similar steps as a contestant on the show might.

  • Your Favourite Hobby

Slots developers have managed to create exciting and engaging gameplay from themes as unassuming as a humble fishing excursion on the lake. In titles like “Big Bass Splash”, players must choose the right bait, cast off and hope for some big-game catches, with bigger, heavier fish equating to more impressive multipliers.

In the world of casino games where players have a sometimes overwhelming assortment of choice, attractive themes, designs and storylines are what it takes for titles to stand out from the rest of the pack. Slots have evolved over time to keep up with technology and changing tastes, but in spite of this, their basic mechanics and what keeps fans returning time and time again have remained largely the same. Visit your favourite casino website and find your next favourite slot today.

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