Why Does Hair Loss Occur and What are the Treatment Options in the UK?

Sadly, hair loss can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender (although it’s more visible in men), and social rank. After all, even prince William and prince Harry were not forgiven! Furthermore, there are solid studies that suggest that male pattern baldness is quite common in men over the age of 50 (about 50% of men this age are affected) and, as they reach the age of 70, over 80% of men tend to go bald. 

But why does this happen?

First of all, hair loss is normal; it’s the natural way of things and a healthy human being will lose between 50 and 200 hairs a day. This is why you find hairs on your hairbrush, pillow, or all over the house.

Baldness occurs when the hair follicles can’t produce and grow any new hairs, and this can have several causes. Still, when it comes to men, the most common causes of baldness are genetics and lifestyle. 

Luckily, science is advancing at a fast pace, which is why people who want to try their chances at getting their hair back in shape have access to modern treatments and procedures that can help. 

In this article, we will discuss the treatments available in the UK, and their level of efficiency.    

Oral Tablets (Pills)

Some treatments address the problem from the inside, by trying to fix the hormonal imbalance. For instance, a treatment like Manual is helping men cure hair loss by blocking DHT and increasing blood flow around the follicles. 

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the main reason why male pattern baldness appears early on, but modern treatments can fight this issue if it’s diagnosed on time. However, you must always discuss any treatment with a medical practitioner, who can recommend the ones that are safe and best suited for you. 

Topical Ointments   

Ointments are available in an over-the-counter system in the UK, and you can find lots of options in pharmacies as well. The most common ingredient is minoxidil and you will find it in almost all topical ointments that promote hair regrowth. 

This type of treatment needs to be applied to the scalp (several times a day) and it acts as a vasodilator. Its main action is to widen the blood vessels in the region, which increase the concentration of oxygen and nutrients that reach the follicles. As a result, the hair will be better nurtured, and it can become stronger.  

Hair Transplant

If nothing seems to work and you really want to try all the options, you can also try hair transplant. This is a type of surgery that simply transfers hair from one part of the body to the other. However, success is not guaranteed and the procedure is quite expensive (also, not covered by the NHS). 

Wrap Up

The change from a head full of hair to an uncovered scalp can be scary, especially if it happens while you’re still young. However, many men have learned to leave with baldness and some even have come to enjoy it. 

The fit and buff bald man with a legendary beard look is actually quite popular nowadays. In fact, some celebrities chose to shave their head, especially so they can rock this look. So, if treatments don’t work, you still have choices. 

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