#litrostory: Write a Story on Twitter with Danny Wallace

#litrostory #litrostory
is a series of Litro stories told on Twitter by as many writers as possible, led by our current Litro Book Club guest author, Danny Wallace.

The next #litrostory starts 12noon on Thursday 26th February, and closes at 12noon on Thursday 5th March. The collective story will then be published on Litro.

Danny Wallace, 'Who is Tom Ditto?'
Danny Wallace, ‘Who is Tom Ditto?’

The story will be kicked off by author Danny Wallace, whose new thought-provoking novel Who Is Tom Ditto?  is the latest title in the Litro Book Club.

How it works

  • Novelist Danny Wallace, @DannyWallace, will write the first line of a brand new story at 12noon on Thursday 26th February on Twitter, using the hashtag #litrostory
  • To take part, you just have to add the next line. Check out the Twitter hashtag #litrostory to read the story so far, and add your line, using the same hashtag at the end. You’ll have to be quick, or someone else might get there first!
  • You can take the story in any direction you want to, but remember that the aim is to end up with something readable, so please consider the next contributor before going too crazy.
  • You can add as many lines as you want to the story, but not consecutively. Please wait for someone else to add another before you add again.
  • You can see the compiled story as it goes along on the Litro site – we will be updating a page with the story on a regular basis.

Check the @LitroMagazine Twitter feed, or the #litrostory hashtag on Friday.

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