The Red Mist

Adapted from a photo by NeilsPhotography (copied from Flickr)
Adapted from a photo by NeilsPhotography (copied from Flickr)
Fellow Patriots!
The narrative published below has been transcribed from a number of video files recovered from a camcorder belonging to Professor Patrick Cameron of Cornell University. The camcorder was found near Stanley, North Dakota and is directly connected to the notorious ‘Red mist Infection’ that led to the quarantine of the town by Federal authorities during the spring and summer of 2014 and the death of many inhabitants. The Professor and his team were originally in Stanley at the bequest of the oil industry to investigate a number of new sink holes that may or may not have been caused by extensive fracking in the area. The present whereabouts of the Professor, his graduate student Jennifer Fairweather, Dr Schaffer and other members of the team remain unknown.
I was given the transcript by one of my contacts at the FBI. They have been extensively edited and redacted – indeed, what I’ve been given seems very much a work in progress – showing the extent to which the Federal government has been trying to suppress the truth of these events. Just what happened that summer, how many died and who was responsible is subject to much conjecture. I know many of you have your theories. Certainly, the transcript sheds new light on the present restrictions to our personal freedom imposed by the Federal government in disregard of the Bill of Rights. Regular readers will also know that for a long time I’ve been suspicious of this so-called ‘fracking.’ Are they really extracting oil from the earth this way or is it, in fact, another diabolical strategy by the New World Order to control us all? These events remind us of the importance of our sacred oath and to continue to uphold the Constitution and defend our fellow Americans against unjust laws and detention. Up to this point I’ve held off publishing these documents, partly in the hope that I might be able to get hold of copies of the actual footage and partly out of fear for my own situation. These transcripts are the strongest evidence yet that the conspiracy involves not only the Federal Government and US Military, but also the state government of North Dakota, Exxon, Chevron Mobile and other corporations involved in oil extraction operations. Fellow Oath Keepers will be well aware that in my commitment to the truth, I’ve faced many threats. Well, I’d rather die a free man in the light of the truth than a slave languishing in darkness! Illuminati might mean light, but secretive activities of our nefarious leaders cast a long shadow over the so-called free world. Our forefathers stood up against tyranny in defence of their liberty – we must follow their example. I have my rifle and my Bible by my side: let them come, I say, let them come. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions from the following documents.

Video file #1

23.35, 15/05/14

[Professor PATRICK CAMERON, 54 stands in a dimly lit motel room. His face moves in and out of focus as he approaches and then retreats from the screen.]

CAMERON: So, we’ve finally made it to Stanley. A long day of travel. I’ve never been to the Dakotas before and I’m excited about what we might find. [The Professor momentarily disappears from view. Rummaging noises] Yes… so, this is likely to be our last night in ‘civilisation’ for quite some time. Tomorrow, we head out to the site, approximately twenty miles from here, all off road, to look at this. [He holds up his iPhone. On the screen is a large black hole, surprisingly even in shape, like a black disc against the reddish ground]. Sink holes. Lots of them and, if this photo is anything to go by, very deep. The largest, according to the data I’ve seen, must be fifty feet wide. Perhaps bigger. How far deep it goes, at this stage, who knows? The reports I’ve been shown suggest over a dozen such holes have appeared in the last three weeks alone. [He disappears from view, returning again with a map that he struggles to unfold] Here and here and here [He points at various locations on the map]. I was approached last week by Larry Armitage of Chevron Mobile who is familiar with my work up in the Canadian tar sands. As we know, this is fracking territory and Larry wanted me to ascertain whether the sink holes might be connected to their activities. Signs of the oil boom are everywhere, almost the only traffic on the road would be-

[Sound of a door opening. Enter JENNIFER FAIRWEATHER 25, a graduate student of Professor CAMERON].

FAIRWEATHER: <<unintelligible>>

CAMERON: Not now, please.

FAIRWEATHER: <<unintelligible>>


[CAMERON appears either annoyed or embarrassed and stands silently for a moment after FAIRWEATHER has left, clearly thinking]. Avoid conjecture

CAMERON: So, we’re here with my colleague Dr Anthony Schaffer and eight graduate students. That was one of them. Larry arranged for a party of workers to meet us at the site. They should be able to do the heavy lifting, digging, that sort of thing. We need to start taking samples and surveying the various sites. We’ve got a lot to do… Well, with that in mind… I am tired. Maybe that’s enough for tonight. It has been a long day. [He runs a hand through his beard]. I have some initial hypothesis about what might be the cause of the sink holes but… <<unintelligible>> I guess they can wait. I need to see them with my own eyes first. [He moves forward. Screen goes black.]


Video File #2

22.08pm 16/05/14

[Professor CAMERON huddles in a tent. He is wearing a fleece and a woolly hat and there is the sound of the wind blowing fiercely outside.]

CAMERON: This will just have to be quick. We made it, at last. The weather is pretty bad and I’ve not even seen the holes yet. It was too dark by the time we set up camp. Getting here was an ordeal. The SUVs would only take us so far. So we had to hike the last ten miles. It took us three hours in this biting wind and I’m exhausted. Aerial photographs taken by helicopter several days ago suggest about a dozen holes of varying sizes and depths within a three mile radius. The plan, at least at this stage, is for a preliminary investigation of the first site in the morning. We also need to take some initial samples to try and ascertain whether this phenomenon fits the usual models or if we’re looking at something different. Of course, getting our samples shipped back to a decent lab won’t be easy… [The screen shakes as the tent is buffeted by the wind]. Okay, turning this off now. [Screen goes black].


Video File #3

17.25pm 17/05/14

[Wobbly camera footage looking down into a large hole. The exact size of the hole is difficult to ascertain until the camera pulls back slightly to reveal several people standing at the opposite edge of the drop and then it becomes apparent just how big it is, easily large enough to swallow a gas station and forecourt, at least sixty feet wide. The sides of the hole appear very smooth and the reddish, muddy soil glistens almost like blood in the bright sunlight. Various voices, including CAMERON are heard expressing sentiments of awe in English and Spanish.] Stick to the objective details

CAMERON: So, this would appear to be the largest of the holes. We’re calling it Big Mac for the time being. We are approximately one point five miles north, north west of the campsite. As you can see the size of this hole is almost <<illegible>> I’ve never <<illegible>> there are several other sink holes close to here although we think the others are smaller than this one. [The wind is blowing and the Professor flinches, briefly holding up a hand to his face to protect himself against the dust]. What’s surprising is that we think this is a new hole. It’s not on the satellite photos which would suggest it has appeared within the last forty eight hours or so.

[As CAMERON talks the camera continues to pan round to reveal a dozen or so individuals, most with their faces covered by scarves, hoods and sunglasses. The sky is a piercing blue and the sun hangs low. The landscape is overwhelmingly flat and desolate, the strength of the wind apparent from the plumes of dust whipped up from the ground. The camera zooms in on an individual identified as Dr ANTHONY SCHAFFER who is about to lower himself into the hole. He is wearing protective clothing, a helmet mounted with a torch and a safety harness.]

CAMERON: Steady.

SCHAFFER: Okay, let’s go.

[The camera follows SCHAFFER as he descends deeper into the hole. CAMERON and others make comments about how they’ve ‘never seen anything like this’. It takes almost ten minutes but eventually SCHAFFER disappears from view.]

CAMERON: Are you okay in there? Do you think he’s okay?

[Crackle of voices on a walkie talkie. The camera is lowered. Footage of dusty boots. Screen goes black.]


Video File #4

21.25pm. 17/05/14

[Close up of CAMERON in his tent.]

CAMERON: So, it looks as if ‘Big Mac’ drops one hundred and twenty five feet before reaching a large mound of soft earth consisting mostly of displaced topsoil with small crevices and off-shoots leading away from the main vault. From what Schaffer saw, the hole is almost like a well, the sides seem so smooth. I’ve seen plenty of larger holes than this, but for one to open up so suddenly and for so many to be appearing like this, heck, it’s most peculiar. This sort of phenomenon is not at all consistent with what we know about this terrain. We wouldn’t expect a cover-collapse type hole to emerge here, not like this, not unless the fracking activities have had an extreme effect on the water table. Larry won’t want me to tell him that, for sure… [He looks pained] It’s very strange. [His voice is muffled by the sound of the wind outside. There appears to be someone else in the tent but no identification is possible. As the wind increases CAMERON stops talking. His expression is still one of concern. Screen goes black]


Video File #5

03.44am 17/05/14

[Darkness. Sound of footsteps and breathing. Close up of CAMERON, his face illuminated a ghostly white by the light of his camera. His eyes are open wide and his face shows signs of shock.] Avoid conjecture

CAMERON: Had to get up. Christ, what a terrible nightmare. I’ve not had dreams like that since [he dabs at his mouth]… What’s this? Blood? Goddammit. I think I bit my tongue. At least that lousy wind has stopped. [Camera turns away]. Look at all the stars [The screen remains black although it would appear that CAMERON is pointing the camera at the night sky]. In the dream there were thousands of people, clad in rags. They were slaves and they were building something like a huge black ziggurat in a waste of red dust. There was this thing… a thing like an altar and they kept taking the slaves and draining their blood… There was a pile of corpses, just empty husks of skin after they’d taken their blood… just empty hollow bodies left behind like a discarded pile of clothes [CAMERON’s voice is trembling with emotion] and the ground was red with blood. Perhaps it wasn’t dust… But what were they? I couldn’t see them… but. Ah hell, I don’t know. Listen to me going on like this… I suppose… it’s just that it felt like they were inside me, I guess that’s the thing [CAMERON continues to pace about, breathing hard]. Anyway, enough of this. I need to get a grip. The last thing I need is a repeat of what happened in Canada. Cut off by the snow. All alone with the Wendigo… [There is silence and darkness for the next ten minutes, just the faint sound of CAMERON’s footsteps and breathing, the screen occasionally picking out what might be his khaki trousers or a faint brightness on the horizon].

UNKNOWN: ¿Quién es? ¿Qué pasa?

CAMERON: Wait! It’s just me… er… es me, el professor! [screen goes black]


Video file #6

19.48pm 19/05/14

[Close up of CAMERON in his tent. He appears exhausted, but trembling with excitement.]

CAMERON: What a couple of days it’s been. Wow. Amazing. Here, look.


[FAIRWEATHER is holding the camera.]

CAMERON: Bring the camera down. Over here.

FAIRWEATHER: Are you sure we should be filming this?

CAMERON: Oh yes, absolutely. I need… well… if I can I need to send some footage to Graham. It might persuade him to get his lazy English ass over here. This is way out of my area of expertise. Come on.

[The camera zooms into a number of objects that have been placed on a sheet of orange tarpaulin. It is difficult to give a precise description of the items. There are a dozen or so specimens. Some are just fragments varying in size but a couple appear more or less whole. All seem to be carved from what looks like stone or metal. They are a dull, greyish colour although it’s difficult to tell how much of that might be due to dirt. As the camera zooms closer it’s clear that some of the fragments are decorated with fine carvings. Intricate, spider-web patterns are faintly visible on the surface of some of the fragments. Then the camera pans over the two intact objects, which are humanoid in shape although with unusually large heads that look as if they end in tentacles, almost as if the head of an octopus type creature had been grafted onto a humanoid body. Again, even with the dirt and obvious erosion, the figures look as though they have been expertly crafted and are also covered in finely wrought swirls, waves and parallel lines. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3. Replace with: The artefacts consist of various fragments and several small figurines of unusual design.

CAMERON: I have never, in all my days, ever seen anything like this. These objects shouldn’t be here. And you just found them in the hole?

SCHAFFER: I think there’s a lot more in there. [SCHAFFER is off camera but in the tent with CAMERON and FAIRWEATHER]. It looks as though the hole extends into some sort of cave. I think it’s entirely possible that we might have broken into Native American burial chamber from a previously unknown culture. The artefacts strike me as both much older and much more advanced than anything we would expect to find in this region.

CAMERON: That could explain how the hole might have opened up so easily.

FAIRWEATHER: How old do you think they are?

CAMERON: No idea.

FAIRWEATHER: What are they made out of? Iron?

[CAMERON’s hand comes into frame. He gently picks up the largest figurine. It’s about the size of a Barbie doll.]

CAMERON: It’s very, very heavy. It might be some sort of Martensite steel or crystal but I’m just not sure. Look at it. How could anyone have carved these patterns. You’d need a diamond drill or a laser, wouldn’t you?

SCHAFFER: I didn’t think pre-Colombian cultures could produce work anything like this advanced.

CAMERON: We need some archaeologists on the site. [His voice quivers with excitement] Graham Coxworth-Grove should get here within a day or two. If anyone knows, he will. We could be on the verge of major breakthrough… you realise that? This could be something quite unprecedented… I say, Tony, are you okay?

SCHAFFER: Yeah, I’m just itching like a dog. Are there bed bugs in our sleeping bags?

CAMERON: Let me see your arm.

[Some confusion as the camera moves about. SCHAFFER’s right arm comes into focus. SCHAFFER rolls up his sleeve. There are large raised welts on his arm.]

SCHAFFER: It’s crawling with bugs out there.

CAMERON: I’m itching as well.


[A voice from off screen. The camera goes down. The following exchange is accompanied by a view of the tent floor. It would appear that FAIRWEATHER is hiding the camera as RODRIGUEZ, the leader of the worker’s employed by ARMITAGE on behalf of Chevron Mobile talks to CAMERON].

CAMERON: What’s up?

RODRIGUEZ: I have five of my men in the first hole. They are not happy.

CAMERON: What’s that supposed to mean. Have they found something?

RODRIGUEZ: <<unintelligible>> I think you <<unintelligible>>

CAMERON: Okay, let me find my coat. Guys we need to-

[Screen goes black.]


Video file #7

05.12am 21/05/14

[It is dark and for a long time there is just the sound of scrabbling and CAMERON swearing quietly as he lowers himself into the sink hole. Once he reaches the bottom the camera looks up and we can see the sky like a milky sphere. A little morning light brightens the side of the hole turning the soil a deep red against the silvery blue of the sky above. This is a report not a poem – inappropriate. The camera turns down and starts to pan round the bottom of the hole. It’s difficult to make much out – the early morning light can’t penetrate this far down – but we can detect uneven mounds of soil. In the soil tiny shards are gleaming where the camera’s light touches them. CAMERON bends down: we see his hand turning the soil. CAMERON holds up a fragment about the size of a dime. Even in the poor light it appears to be finely wrought, the surface marked with hundreds of intricate parallel lines. It almost looks like a microchip. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3   CAMERON drops the fragment. CAMERON turns the camera to his face. We are very close to his eyes, which appear wide and fearful. His hand shakes and the screen wobbles up and down.]

CAMERON: What am I going to do? How on earth am I to explain this? No one wants this… Fuck… There’s no word from people. We’re way out of mobile signal and the satellite phone doesn’t seem to be working either. I should… I mean… I just don’t know. What if it’s wrong? What if everything we ever thought was wrong?

[The camera turns back to the mounds of dark earth which the Professor continues to rummage through. Now and then, he mutters “My God” or other words that are unintelligible. CAMERON puts down the camera, but leaves it running. Perhaps this is an accident as we can neither see nor hear anything except for scuffing noises off camera and the occasional unintelligible exclamation or obscenity from CAMERON. After half an hour the camera is picked up and the screen goes black.


Video File #8

18.10pm 23/05/14

[CAMERON sitting close to the camera inside his tent.]

CAMERON: Here we are… and Christ, what a few days we’ve had. [The light is poor but CAMERON looks haggard, unwashed and unslept. Dust in his beard and red marks visible on his hands.] Most of the students have fallen ill with this rash. I’ve got it too. Rodriguez thought it might have something to do with the grass. Ticks in the grass… But none of the Mexicans have got it, I don’t know why, but they’re still refusing to work.

FAIRWEATHER [it appears as if she is holding the camera]: Guatemala.


FAIRWEATHER: They’re from Guatemala, not Mexico.

CAMERON: Heck! What fucking difference does that make? They’re refusing to work.

FAIRWEATHER: <<unintelligible>>


FAIRWEATHER: I said it does make a difference. If someone thought you were from Canada…

CAMERON: Okay, fine! Where those lazy bastards come from is hardly my concern.

FAIRWEATHER: I don’t think you can call them lazy…

CAMERON: They won’t work!

FAIRWEATHER: Rodriguez says the place is a sacred burial ground. They don’t think it right…

CAMERON: Superstitious, ignorant fucking <<unintelligible>> [He reaches forward and takes the camera. As it changes hands we get a quick glimpse of FAIRWEATHER. After slowing the two second footage down, we were able to see clear signs of the infection – red welts on her neck, hands and on the top of her shoulders. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3 Replace with: FAIRWEATHER also appears unwell. The camera jolts round to focus on the artefacts. The pile is larger than before. There are more figurines and many smaller fragments.]

CAMERON: I don’t care where they’re from. They’ve been paid to do a job. Look at this stuff. This could be the most important archaeological discovery since Tutankhamun’s tomb.

[By slowing down the footage it is possible to identify more of the figurines: there are at least a dozen more or less entire statues. Some have the same octopus type head, others are different, with very long legs and multiple arms. Even in the poor light and with the poor quality of the film it’s clear that the craftsmanship is exquisite. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3 CAMERON holds up one figurine and then another] look at this, it’s amazing, amazing [screen goes black]


Video File #9

23.27pm 23/05/14

[Screen is dark. Camera turns this way and that, never settling on any object. CAMERON is talking to RODRIGUEZ. They appear to be in a tent but not CAMERON’s tent. The wind is very strong].

RODRIGUEZ: Senor, I tell you, the men will not work.

CAMERON: <<unintelligible>>

RODRIGUEZ: What do you think this place <<unintelligible>> these objects <<unintelligible>> you want the Gods <<unintelligible>> punish?

CAMERON: As soon as I can get a signal I’m <<unintelligible>> Larry said <<unintelligible>> this is just fucking bullshit, do you hear me? Priceless <<unintelligible>> vitally important <<unintelligible>> changes everything. Comprende amigo?

RODRIGUEZ: Senor, I comprende good. Your students are ill. You are ill. This is not a place for us. Please, listen to me, you need to get out of here, get to a hospital <<unintelligible>> Some things are not for man, senor, they are for god.

CAMERON: I’m going to get Larry <<unintelligible>> your asses are going to get sent back across the border as soon as you can-

RODRIGUEZ: Please, senor professor, calm down.

[Screen goes black]


Video File #10

09.46am 24/05/14

[The footage is very wobbly. We are outside in a sand storm. People are shouting but nothing is intelligible. There is a figure standing in the field. It takes a moment or two to realise, but the figure is naked. A naked man. With red skin. Scattered on the brush floor, a pair of trousers, a coat and a jumper turned inside out and clearly dumped with haste in the dirt. We get closer. The footage is overwhelmed by the howling wind. The sky is grey with clouds. The naked man has opened his arms wide, as if to embrace the wind. The dust must be lashing his bare skin. Wait… he’s red with the rash, it’s all over him. It’s horrible, almost like his skin has turned transparent and we can see the blue veins and red blood pumping beneath. But there are unaffected patches, it’s as if he’s wearing this ghastly coat fashioned from human skin and viscera. Wait… it’s Dr SCHAFFER, he seems to have been driven insane by the rash. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3 Replace with: SCHAFFER is clearly distressed by his condition. In his right hand he appears to be clutching one of the figurines].

SCHAFFER I’m so itchy [he shouts this several times while scratching at his body].

[The camera turns backwards. Behind us – and we have to assume CAMERON is filming what we see – are several of the graduate students. Foremost among them is FAIRWEATHER. We have also identified SIMON COPE, 28 and ELAINE BRANDT, 26. The camera focuses on FAIRWEATHER. She appears to be in some sort of trance. She slowly unzips her fleece and lets it drop to the floor. Then she pulls her jumper over her head. Now she stands there in a black vest top. It comes off. She’s just wearing her bra and jeans. The rash covers her body. We see several crimson smears against her pale skin, long red marks that make her look as if she has been whipped. She undoes her bra. The camera drops – freezing the final frame, we can make out COPE in the top left of the screen. He is also taking off his clothes. Then the footage ends.] Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3


Video File #11

08.23am 25/05/14

[The camera is tilted at an odd angle. In the gloom CAMERON is visible. He is scrabbling at a mound of earth with a small shovel. He is working alone in the bottom of the hole. A beam of sunlight illuminates his actions. We can see CAMERON’s clothes and beard are covered in dirt and his digging motions are increasingly frantic. As he works, CAMERON repeats the following phrases over and over again, as if on a loop: “Okay, I’ll do it myself then” and “Can’t trust anybody these days, Goddam students, Mexicans… I’ll do it myself, I’ll show them” as he says this he continues to dig. He’s working very fast. This continues for seven and half minutes and then the sound of the spade cutting the soil changes. We hear a much harsher, metallic scraping and banging noise. It would appear as though he is striking an object in the dirt with his spade. Eventually CAMERON drops the spade and collects the camera. He moves back to where he was working. A large portion of earth has been shovelled to one side to reveal the small portion of an object curved like a barrel, tube or length of pipe. Judging by the size of the exposed section, the pipe or tube is enormous. It looks a lot like an oil pipe or maybe a sewage or water pipe. CAMERON turns on the camera-light. Immediately the pipe starts to gleam and we can see that it is covered in intricate, delicate carvings: a precise arrangement of swirls and spirals, just like the other artefacts. It strikes me that the designs are a lot like finger-prints – there is something organic and natural about the swirling, spiralling patterns. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3 Replace with: as it reflects the light. It is impossible to say what the tube or pipe is made from. Then the screen goes black].


Video File #12

13.23pm 27/05/14

[Interior of CAMERON’s tent. SCHAFFER, BRANDT, COPE and two more students identified as PAUL MCVEIGH, 31 and JOSH HUGHES, 28, are lying on the ground, partially wrapped in sleeping bags and blankets. Coughing, gurgling and groaning noises. The camera pans around the tent. The skin on their faces is very red, as if they’ve caught terrible sunburn and they stare back at the camera with wide open eyes. HUGHES snarls and bares his teeth like an animal. But the action seems to exhaust him and he flops back to the floor. We see that several of the victims of the infection are clutching figurines tight to their bodies like small children with soft toys. As the camera pans back and forth we can hear CAMERON muttering incomprehensible phrases. The only words we are able to make out with any clarity are “fuck” and what might be “Ithaqua” or “Ithoocar” (?) He goes over to SCHAFFER who sits upright. SCHAFFER’s top half is naked and he appears to be staring at his red arms and torso with wonder. He keeps touching himself, moving his right hand over his left arm. Watching this, we realise he’s peeling off strips of red skin and holding them up. The red strips disintegrate into dust. We can see that the tent is full of red dust. The newly exposed skin underneath is just as red as the skin that has been removed. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3 Replace with: SCHAFFER appears to have a serious skin infection. The camera turns round as FAIRWEATHER enters the tent. She is almost entirely naked apart from a few ragged strips of clothing. Her skin is covered with vivid red blotches and a white fluid that leaks from her eyes like she’s crying milk. She smiles at the camera. Her hair is bedraggled with dirt and there is a peculiar, rather blank expression on her face. She is holding something in her hands, a round, dark object about the size of a Soccer ball. She holds the object up to the camera. It is the head of RODRIGUEZ. Bits of cartilage and gristle dangle down from the torn neck and it is difficult to tell how much of the red on FAIRWEATHER is from the infection and how much of it is blood from RODRIGUEZ.]

CAMERON: Mexican asshole.

FAIRWEATHER: Most of them got away.

CAMERON: <<unintelligible>>

[The camera wobbles and darts round rapidly. We see FAIRWEATHER pass the severed head to SCHAFFER who lifts it up and kisses it on the lips. He makes a disgusting grunting noise. Then he passes the head onto COPE who repeats the action. The camera zooms in on COPE. We see his tongue moving in and out of RODRIGUEZ’s mouth in a sort of kissing/licking/lapping motion.] Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3

CAMERON: (quietly, repeated several times) Ithooca! (Loudly) ITHOOCA!

[Screen goes black]


Video File #13

11.27am 30/05/14

[We can see FAIRWEATHER lying in the middle of the road. The shot is taken from a distance of a hundred metres or so – the camera keeps zooming in and out. For almost forty minutes nothing happens. FAIRWEATHER lies in the road. Occasionally she twitches and scratches herself but otherwise she stays quite prone, almost as if she is dead. The weather is bright and sunny. There is little wind. During this time, as we wait, we can hear CAMERON muttering to himself. Few words are intelligible. After forty minutes we see a sixteen wheel truck on the road. The driver notices FAIRWEATHER’s body and pulls to a stop. Two men get out of the truck and approach her body. CAMERON starts to mutter ‘Ithooqa’ over and over. FAIRWEATHER is only partially clothed and even from this distance her vivid red skin is clearly visible. One of the men has bent down and is looking at her. The other is making a call on his phone. The camera lifts up and starts to jiggle rapidly up and down. CAMERON is running towards the truck. The footage is blurry and confused for several moments. When the footage stabilises it would appear CAMERON has clambered into the container trailer. He lifts up the tarpaulin and we glimpse SCHAFFER clambering in after him. They are stowed away in the container. The truck starts up – the sound of the engine dominates the footage – and they begin to move. The tarpaulin flaps in the breeze and we can just make out SCHAFFER. His skin seems to have turned inside out, he’s so red, but his face looks calm and he clutches RODRIGUEZ’s head like a toy. He’s carrying a small rucksack and we can see several figurines inside. It’s also evident that about half of RODRIGUEZ’s face has been chewed away and what’s left is swarming with flies. SCHAFFER lifts up the head and nibbles at it like he’s munching a big apple. He offers the head to CAMERON. CAMERON’s hands reach for the head and then the screen goes black]. Remove: Violation NS Code 7.3 Replace with: CAMERON and SCHAFFER ride in the back of the truck. The screen goes black.


According to my source, Cameron’s camcorder was recovered from Stanley, suggesting that the Professor, Fairweather and Schaffer made it to town. I don’t have any more precise details. Those of you who were following this case closely on my blog will remember how local news first broke the story about a female found out near the highway and rushed to the local hospital suffering from what was referred to as a ‘serious mystery illness’. Two days later and CNN was the first national to report the emergency quarantine of Stanley. You’ll remember the pictures – I put enough of them up here – of federal troops in NBC suits blockading the routes in and out. And then another big story broke and whatever was happening in a remote part of North Dakota fell off the agenda.
Next week I’ll be publishing more scandalous revelations about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED to reveal how the events in Stanley were part of a secret government experiment to test lethal new chemical weapons on our own population. An experiment that went DANGEROUSLY WRONG and that the government tried to cover up. We can see the consequences of the experiment everywhere: restrictions on movement, roadblocks on the Interstate, talk of internal visas and passports to track the movement of freeborn Americans. Access to Stanley is still impossible. And then there are the more recent events in Milwaukee, Bismarck and Minneapolis, reports of residents confined to their neighbourhoods, of the military preventing anyone from leaving. Finally, it seems, the Illuminati have shown their hand. Fellow patriots and Oath-Keepers, remember our sacred vow ‘Not On Our Watch!’ Look, people, it’s finally happening. They are coming for us. Lock and load your weapons, the fight for America has begun.

James Miller

About James Miller

James Miller is the author of the acclaimed novels LOST BOYS (Little, Brown 2008) and SUNSHINE STATE (Little, Brown 2010) as well as numerous short stories. He is currently senior lecturer in English literature and Creative Writing at Kingston.

James Miller is the author of the acclaimed novels LOST BOYS (Little, Brown 2008) and SUNSHINE STATE (Little, Brown 2010) as well as numerous short stories. He is currently senior lecturer in English literature and Creative Writing at Kingston.

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