Maps to Lost Futures

“Don’t you know, the heart gets lost in so much empty space?” A flash piece about memory, grief and life's lost futures

Carella is a writer and digital artist who splits her time between the ethereal world of dreams, and Toronto, Canada, depending on the weather. Many of her published short-stories jigsaw together into a magical realism narrative, and she is currently working on the connective tissue for this novella, tentatively titled "Salt Gardens." Her work has appeared recently or is forthcoming in Columbia Journal, Skyie Magazine, Margins Magazine, Wrongdoing Magazine, Shuf Poetry, Myth & Lore, Empyrean Literary Magazine, Deep Overstock, Paddler Press, Burningword, Nightingale & Sparrow, Existere, Superlative Literary Journal, Querencia Press, Stripes Literary Magazine, Writeresque, Free Verse Revolution, Boats Against the Current, Chestnut Review, Glassworks, Door is a Jar, Grub Street, Sunday Mornings at the River, Musing Publications, Sheepshead Review, MONO, Troublemaker Firestarter and Vocivia.