Every year, Litro publishes international editions focusing on different parts of the globe.

For this World Series edition, we turn our pages again to Spain, and this time in particular to three sectors of non-Castilian writing: Catalunya, Galicia, and the Basque country. But the fiction is anything but narrow: there’s the intimacy and horror of civil war memories, a lively avant-garde scene, vivid, menacing short stories, almost-freedom sparked in a scrapyard, and more.

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    Writers in this issue include:

    • Ernest Farres
    • Harkaitz Cano
    • Lois Pereiro
    • Anton R. Reixa
    • and many, many more

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  • Ernest Farrés

    Ernest Farrés

    Ernest Farrés Junyent is a Catalan poet and journalist. Ernest Farrés is editor of the newspaper La Vanguardia of Barcelona. He has written six books of poetry nailed one on deck and one on the anvil (1996) Mosquito (1998), Edward Hopper (2006), The unpredictable effects of magnetic fields (2011) Blitzkrieg (2011) and Los Angeles (2015), with illustrations by Joan Longas. His blog The Republic of Poetry Ernest Farrés was awarded the Prize of Martorell Vila Blogs Catalan Literature in 2010.

  • Harkaitz Cano

    Harkaitz Cano

    HARKAITZ CANO (Basque Country, 1975) started to write and publish literature in his early twenties. He has published books of poetry, collections of short stories and novels. Cano has taken part in a number of performances combining literature with music and other arts. He usually works as a scriptwriter, and has translated into Basque works by Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Hanif Kureishi and Allen Ginsberg. His books have been published into a dozen languages, including English, German and Russian.

    His last novel to date is Fakirraren ahotsa (The Voice of the Fakir, 2018).

  • Xurxo Borrazás

    Xurxo Borrazás

    Xurxo Borrazás Fariña, born in Carballo, Spain, in 1963, is a Galician writer and translator. He earned a degree in English philology from the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. At this time, he began to write poetry, and then continued writing narrative fiction.

  • Lois Pereiro

    Lois Pereiro

    Luis Ángel Sánchez Pereiro alias Lois Pereiro was a Galician poet and writer. Galician Literature Day was dedicated to him in 2011

  • Anton R Reixa

    Anton R Reixa

    Antón R Reixa is one of the most radical innovators in Galician poetry. Since the 1980s he has been experimenting with multimedia poetry and artists books. He is associated with the Galician poets known as ‘Rompente’ (‘white breakers’), and was also lead singer and lyricist in Os Resentidos, the first band to sing entirely in Galician.
    This poem was translated by Alan Floyd, a lecturer at the University of Coruña.
    Both poems will appear later this year in Breogán’s Lighthouse: An Anthology of Galician Literature, edited by Antonio R. de Toro Santos (Francis Boutle, 2010).

  • Maria Barbal

    Maria Barbal

    Maria Barbal is a Catalan writer. Even though she has lived in Barcelona from the 1960s onward, the literary world of her early work as an author concentrates on the Pallars county of her childhood and adolescence, a rural surrounding observed by a critical eye. Her first novel, Pedra de tartera [‘Stone from a boulder’], fully set in that space, was praised by the public and critics alike. Her first novel has been translated into English as Stone in a Landslide

  • Víctor García Tur

    Víctor García Tur

    Víctor García Tur (n. Barcelona; 1981) is a Spanish writer and graphic designer. In 2008 he won the Documenta Prize awarded by the Empúries Publishing House and the bookstore in Barcelona, with Twistanschauung , a collection of thirteen stories about couple relationships, love, red dots, etc. In 2017 he won the Just M. Casero Prize, awarded by the Llibreria 22 of Gerona , with the short novel Els romanents . In 2018 he won the Mercè Rodoreda Prize for short stories and narratives with the collection El País dels cecs.

  • Suso de Toro

    Suso de Toro

    Xesús Miguel "Suso" de Toro Santos is a Spanish writer. A modern and contemporary arts graduate, he has published more than twenty novels and plays in Galician. He is a television scriptwriter and regular contributor to the press and radio.

  • Cassandra Passarelli

    Cassandra Passarelli

    A nomad at heart, Cassandra Passarelli has wandered between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. She’s published dozens of stories, most recently in The Carolina Quarterly, Ambit, Chicago Quarterly Review and The Cost of Paper. She won the Traverse Theatre’s Debut Author Prize, the Books for Borges Prize and was short-listed for Eyewear’s Beverly Prize. She lives in East Devon with her daughter.

  • Joseba Sarrionandia

    Joseba Sarrionandia

    Joseba Sarrionandia Uribelarrea is a Basque writer who has published a large number of books of poetry and short stories, as well as novels. He has been awarded on numerous occasions for his work, and is nowadays a respected literary personality in the Basque Country.