Every year, Litro publishes international editions focusing on different parts of the globe...

For this World Series edition we turn our pages to the United States: God Bless America is the theme of this issue, and after the Fourth of July fireworks have died down, with the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 approaching, now is an interesting time to look across the Atlantic to count the blessings (and curses) of the USA. We believe the authors in this issue put the stars in the Stars and Stripes – and we’re sure, when you read their stories, you’ll agree.

  • America 108 Insights

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    Writers in this issue include:

    • Paul Beckman
    • Steve Appleby
    • Janice Shapiro
    • Louise Phillips
    • many, many, more

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  • Steven Appleby

    Steven Appleby

    Steven Appleby’s work has appeared in newspapers, on television, on Radio 4, on stage at the ICA and in over 20 books. His Coffee Table Book of Doom will be published in September, and his website is www.stevenappleby.com

  • Kele Okereke

    Kele Okereke

    Kele Okereke lives in London and New York. He is the singer/guitarist of British indie band Bloc Party. He has had stories printed in Punk Fiction, Five Dials, and Attitude magazine. He is currently writing a collection of short stories called Midnight on a Bicycle.

  • Paul Beckman

    Paul Beckman

    Paul Beckman is a real estate salesman. Sometimes his fiction writing sneaks into his real estate ads. He earned his MFA from Bennington College. Some publishing credits: The Connecticut Review, Playboy, Onthebus, Short Story Library, 5 Trope, The Scruffy Dog Review, Fiction Warehouse, Web del Sol, Long Story Short, Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, Riverbabble, Exquisite Corpse, Collectedstories.com, and Postcard Shorts

  • Louise Phillips

    Louise Phillips

    Louise Phillips lives in Toronto. Her work has appeared in Dream Catcher, 3AM Magazine, The Copperfield Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Delinquent, The Dirty Napkin, 34th Parallel, and Monkeybicycle.

  • Mark Saba

    Mark Saba

    Mark Saba is the author of two short novels, The Landscapes of Pater (The Vineyard Press, New York, 2004) and Thaddeus Olsen (in the volume Desperate Remedies, Apis Books, London, 2008), as well as other stories, poems, and essays which have appeared in literary magazines.

  • S. E. Cohn

    S. E. Cohn

    S.E. Cohn is a writer from Ventura, California. His work has appeared in Word Riot and Wanderlust Review, as well as weekly newspapers throughout California and Idaho. He had a two-year stint in a semi-pro Mexican hardball league. He played catcher and batted .347, but threw out only one runner. He is also the frontman for The Pullmen, a Southern California rock band.

  • Janice Shapiro

    Janice Shapiro

    Janice Shapiro’s stories have been published in The North American Review, The Santa Monica Review, and The Seattle Review. A screenwriter, she co-wrote the cult film Dead Beat. Night and Day is taken from her latest collection Bummer, published by Soft Skull Press. She is currently working on another collection of short stories and a graphic memoir, Crushable: My Life in Crushes from Ricky Nelson to Viggo Mortensen. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, son, and dog.