Every year, Litro publishes international editions focusing on different parts of the globe…

For this World Series edition, guest edited by Leila Segal, we turn our pages to Cuba. In the West, Cuba has become a state of mind more than a real place, a canvas onto which people paint their ideologies and dreams. This issue of Litro, made up of Cuban voices, offers a mosaic of experience, a truer representation of reality than any single point of view could.

  • Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas

    Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas

    Award winning Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas is widely recognised as an ambassador for both the music and musicians of his native country. He champions a repertoire that shows the diversity, compositional styles and tendencies found in composers from diverse generations.

  • Karla Suarez

    Karla Suarez

    Karla Suarez was born in Havana and lives in Lisbon. She has written novels, short story collections and travel books. She won the Carbet de la Caraïbe Prize (France) for her novel La Habana, año cero, and the Lengua de Trapo Prize (Spain) for Silencios.

  • Aida Bahr

    Aida Bahr

    Aida Bahr is a writer and critic from in Holguín, Cuba. She has published four short story collections and two novels. For Ofelias she won the Alejo Carpentier Short Story Prize (2006), and the Premio de la Crítica Literaria (2007).

  • Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

    Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

    Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo is a writer and photographer from Havana. He lives in Reykjavik. He blogs at Lunes de Post-Revolución and edits The Revolution Evening Post. He is editor of the Cuban narrative anthology Cuba in Splinters and author of the digital photobook Abandoned Havana.

  • Ihoeldis M. Rodriguez

    Ihoeldis M. Rodriguez

    Ihoeldis M. Rodriguez, from Jatibonico, Cuba, is a sociologist, journalist, and flash-fiction writer. An independent researcher on Cuban microfiction and former producer of the National Contest for Microfiction Mancuspia+53 in Cuba, he lives in Miami.

  • Dazra Novak

    Dazra Novak

    Dazra Novak is a writer and historian from Havana. She won the Premio UNEAC de Novela Cirilo Villaverde (2011) for her book Making of. Novak blogs about daily life in Havana at Habana por dentro.

  • Geandy Pavon

    Geandy Pavon

    Geandy Pavon, from Havana, is a painter and photographer. He has lived in New York since 1996. Pavon’s work has been featured in individual and collective exhibitions such as Caribbean: crossroads of the world, at the Harlem Studio Museum, and the X Files Biennale, at El Museo del Barrio in New York.

  • Omar Pérez

    Omar Pérez

    Omar Pérez, from Havana, is a prize-winning poet, essayist, and Zen Buddhist monk. He received Cuba’s Nicolás Guillén Prize for Poetry for Crítica de la Razón Puta (2009), and its National Critics’ Prize for his essay collection La perseverancia de un hombre oscuro (2000).

  • Coco Fusco

    Coco Fusco

    Coco Fusco is a Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist and writer. Fusco has performed and curated throughout the US and internationally. Fusco’s work explores the relationship between women and society, war, politics and race.

  • Leila Segal

    Leila Segal

    Leila Segal was born in London. She is a writer, and the director of anti-slavery project Voice of Freedom. Her debut collection Breathe: Stories from Cuba originates in the time she spent in Havana and the Pinar del Río province of Cuba between 2000 and 2006.