Transforming the taboo into art: Marianne Tricot’s collages reveal the beauty of sexuality.

In her series “Images d’Amour,” Parisian illustrator Marianne Tricot explores the theme of sexuality through her unique lens. Balancing her professional life as a scientific illustrator with her personal passion for creating intimate, small-scale collages, Tricot delves into the portrayal of sex as a natural and fundamental aspect of human experience.

Tricot’s journey in art began at Paris’ École Estienne, where she specialized in scientific illustration. Her work in this field involves collaborating with researchers and scientific institutions, translating complex ideas into visual forms. This experience, she believes, enriches her personal art projects, allowing her to tackle intricate subjects with a distinct perspective.

“Images d’Amour” was born from an encounter with old frames at a flea market. These frames, once housing traditional family photos, inspired Tricot to fill them with images that represent a more uninhibited side of human nature. She uses paper cutouts and oil pastels to transform screenshots from pornographic videos into sensitive, abstract compositions. The work features a diverse representation of bodies and acts, aiming to make every viewer feel represented.

In creating these pieces, Tricot aims to facilitate a broader discussion about sexuality. She wants her work to question why sex, despite its ubiquity in advertising and media, remains a taboo topic. Her collages, vibrant in color and form, are not just reproductions of sexual imagery but are intended to provoke thought and conversation.

The reaction to “Images d’Amour” has been mixed, ranging from admiration to surprise and discomfort. Tricot sees this as an opportunity to challenge societal perceptions of sex and encourage more open discussions about its role in our lives. Her ultimate goal is to offer viewers a glimpse into moments of pleasure and joy, hoping to inspire curiosity and contemplation.

You can explore more about Marianne Tricot’s “Images d’Amour” and her unique approach to art here.

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