Every year, Litro publishes international editions focusing on different parts of the globe…

For this World Series edition, we turn our pages once more to Brazil, and we come back to writing from Brazil this year for a moment of betweenness. It’s time for Litro to see where Brazilian writing is at. And with the president, culture minister and head of the literary academy all women, yet in a persistently machista culture and with no sign of change, we really have to ask the women.

  • Laura Lima

    Laura Lima

    Laura Lima is an artist, winner of the Bonnefanten Award 2014, 50,000 Euros and solo exhibition at Bonnefantenmuseum, autumn 2014. A piece of her work, Sombra de Cinema, has been described as "not filmmaking, it is perhaps reality. It is not theatre, it is not installation, maybe fiction. It is not performance." Born in 1971, she lives in Rio de Janeiro, where she studied philosophy and art. Her work has featured in exhibitions in Canada, Switerland and the USA, as well as all around Brazil.

  • Ana Rüsche

    Ana Rüsche

    Ana Rüsche was born in São Paulo. She has published three collections of poetry, Rasgada (‘Torn’, 2005), Sarabanda (2007) and Nós que adoramos um documentário (‘We who love a documentary’, 2012), and one novel, Acordados (‘Awakened’, 2007).

  • Luisa Geisler

    Luisa Geisler

    Luisa Geisler has published two collections of short stories: Contos de Mentira (‘Tales of Lies’) and Quiça (‘Perhaps’). In 2012 she was chosen for inclusion in Granta magazine’s Best Young Brazilian Novelists issue, which was published around the world in a number of languages.

  • Juliana Frank

    Juliana Frank

    Juliana Frank was born in 1985 in São Paulo, and currently lives in Rio de Janeiro. She is a scriptwriter for cinema and television. She adapted the notorious novel Pornopopéia by Reinaldo Moraes for the cinema. Her latest novel, Meu coração de Pedra-Pomes (‘My Pumice Stone Heart’) came out in 2013, published by Companhia das Letras.

  • Marília Garcia

    Marília Garcia

    Marília Garcia was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1979. She is the author of Vinte Poemas para o seu Walkman (‘Twenty Poems for your Walkman’, Cosac Naify 2007) and Engano Geográfico (‘Geographical Trick’, 7Letras 2012). She works with translation.

  • Paloma Vidal

    Paloma Vidal

    Paloma Vidal has written two novels, Mar azul (‘Blue Sea’, Rocco, 2012) and Algum lugar (‘Some Place’, 7Letras, 2009), and two short story collections, Mais ao sul (‘Further South’, Língua Geral, 2008), from which this story is taken, and A duas mãos (‘In Both Hands’, 7Letras, 2003). She has translated writers including Clarice Lispector and Margo Glantz. She is a professor of literary theory and blogs at http://www.escritosgeograficos.blogspot.com.

  • Miriam Mambrini

    Miriam Mambrini

    Miriam Mambrini is a carioca (ie born in Rio). She began to write fiction fairly late but has now published eight books, including a number of short story collections. She has also contributed to the seminal anthologies Contos de escritoras brasileiras (‘Stories by Brazilian women writers’, Martins Fontes, 2003) and Mulheres que estão fazendo a nova literatura brasileira (‘Women who are writing the new Brazilian literature’ Record, 2005).

  • Ana Paula Maia

    Ana Paula Maia

    Ana Paula Maia was born in Rio de Janeiro. She has written three novels, O habitante das falhas subterrâneas (‘The Denizen of the Underground Faults’), A guerra dos bastardos (‘The War of the Bastards’), Carvão animal (‘Animal Fuel’) and the double novella Entre rinhas de cachorros e porcos abatidos (‘Between Fighting Dogs and Slaughtered Pigs’). Her stories have been included in a number of anthologies both in and beyond Brazil. She blogs at killing-travis.blogspot.com .

  • Marina Colasanti

    Marina Colasanti

    Marina Colasanti was born in 1937 in Eritrea and lived in Libya and Italy before moving to Brazil. She has published more than fifty books including eight works of poetry for children and adults, as well as short stories and essays. She also does her own illustrations. She has received major prizes in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

  • Carola Saavedra

    Carola Saavedra

    Carola Saavedra was born in Chile in 1973 and moved to Brazil aged three. She has also lived in Spain, France and Germany. Her novels include Toda Terça (‘Every Tuesday’, 2007), the highly acclaimed Flores Azuis (‘Blue Flow- ers’, 2008) and Paisagem com dromedário (‘Landscape with Dromedary’, 2010). Her books are currently being translated into English, French and Spanish. She was included in the 2012 Best of Young Brazilian Novelists issue of Granta.