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Litro is a 501c3 literary platform based in New York that has served as a community for readers, writers,
and artists for almost twenty years. It is nestled at the intersection of creative arts, literature, culture, and
innovation, providing a forum for new and experimental storytelling; it also nurtures literary development
and documents social and political movements, educating across history and cultures.

Each year Litro publishes thousands of emerging and established writers from United States (and elsewhere),
often supporting writers in an important phase of their careers as they launch themselves into the publishing industry.
Excellence in writing and diversity – the diversity of the writers themselves as well as the diversity of
their stories / topics – are the editors’ watchwords. Many of these stories, nonfictional and fictional,
demonstrate the writers’ commitment to exploring their communities, their cultures and traditions,
their complexities and triumphs. The impact of these explorations is manifold: the writers come to a
greater understanding of their place in the community; the communities come to a greater
understanding of their unique history, challenges, and representation within the wider culture(s); and
readers are offered a window on lives they may not have led.

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