Mark Akrill: Waiting for Hate Mail poetry reading (11th May)

Mark Akrill: Waiting for Hate Mail


Ambassadors Theatre, West Street. London, WC2H 9ND

11th May 2011, 8pm



Who is Mark Akrill? Someone famous … Famous enough to get hate mail. This mail says he’s scum; that he intends to indoctrinate the youth. The man is clearly an iconoclast …

In any case he has decided to turn the table on his detractors, by writing poems about them. These poems will be tragi-comic. They will be poignant. They will be energised. Poetry’s answer to Dave Gorman? Perhaps. But he could be a new Lord Byron.

Go to see him though, and generate an opinion.


Tickets are priced from £8.

To find out more about the event and to book tickets, visit the web site at:

David Fowkes.

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