Bye, Bye Blackbird

She was with him every night as he drifted between sleep and delirium. He heard her coo softly, a cool hand on his forehead. Even when his cough settled deep and bubbling, every breath an act of will, fever pounding and smoldering inside his head, when he knew it was no longer flu, but pneumonia, Dale refused to call a doctor, afraid that by relieving his symptoms, he would somehow banish her.

Daniel Knauf is the CEO of Bxx, LLC, a studio specializing in transmedia and box-narratives. He created and served as Executive Producer of his Emmy award-winning series, Carnivále (HBO). He has written episodes of Supernatural (The CW) and Fear Itself (NBC), and served as a Consulting Producer on Stand Off (FOX), My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) and the hit cult series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Starz). Additionally, he and his son, Charles Knauf, collaborated on Marvel’s The Invincible Iron man, The Eternals and Captain America: Theater of War as well as the SyFy miniseries, The Phantom. Mr. Knauf recently turned to screenwriting, developing a feature trilogy for Will Smith and Overbrook Productions, The Legend of Cain, and Honey Vicarro for Flame Productions.