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This week on Litro Lab is Marcy Henry’s “Pantone 213U”. Moving toward natural scenes in the American South West, the author plays with colours speaking about optical window, red’s dominance and, as strange as it sounds, pollution.

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Pantone 213U Podcast

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Marcy Rae Henry is a Latina born and raised in Mexican-America. She is an activist and a mediocre musician with no social media accounts. Her 2006 publication, The CTA Chronicles, received a City of Chicago Community Arts Assistance Grant and, according to Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, “Marcy Rae Henry has written the true Chicago, the true El, stuffed with humans, source of strange encounters and disturbing memories. Her gorgeous writing captures the transience and the beauty of the city.” Henry’s confounding novel, Cumbia Therapy, received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship, but remains unpublished. Her writing has appeared in World Haiku Review, Chicago Literati, The Chaffey Review and is forthcoming in Shanghai Literary Review and Beautiful Losers. She was recently accepted to Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop. Ms. M.R. Henry is an Associate Professor of Humanities and Fine Arts at Harold Washington College Chicago.

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