Wolf Eyes

I am fix broken cash register when gunman come inside. I don’t know he has gun first, because gun inside pants, under jacket, and I don’t see. He look at menu, at appetizer section, thinking which is better, fried dumplings or eggrolls. He just stand there read menu, like normal person, but I know something wrong. I don’t like his eyes. In China, we can say we know man is good or bad from eyes. If man has Wolf Eyes, he is bad. Always true. Never wrong. I am very good at looking people’s eyes. This man has Wolf Eyes.

Peng Shepherd’s fiction has appeared in Litro, .Cent Magazine, and Liar’s League, among others. She is an MFA Stein Fellow in Creative Writing at New York University, where she also teaches as an adjunct instructor. She is a fiction reader for Narrative Magazine and Washington Square Review, and is finishing her first novel.