Litro is a fully fledged literary and creative arts platfrom, that champions emerging writers in New York and beyond whilst celebrating the established. At its heart is the nurturing of a literary community that produces works that are enjoyed and appreciated by a wide-variety of the general public and connect cultures and communities, giving busy city dwellers access to bite-size insights into the cultural landscape through short stories, fiction, long-form essays, poetry and more— published four times a year each edition features various literary genres including short stories, long-form essays, fiction, interviews, photography, art & culture. The format is 114 page, pocket – sized publication printed in full color on high quality paper. The design is clean, cool and simple. Fiction should be enduring, not disposable, and as such Litro in print, is specially designed to fit in your pocket or bag we think of it as a small book of escapism. Each issue discusses a topic of current interest and concern- Sex, Technology, Money, Crime.

Litro has a commitment to profiling emerging talent and producing a publication that does not just cater to writers but engages with the general reader—a platform for writers to write, emerging voices to be heard, but most importantly a place for its contributors to develop and to be heard/seen.

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