Author: Karen Bowers

When photography converted from film to digital, Karen Bowers retired as a commercial photographer, moved to the Florida Keys and reinvented herself as a destination marketer. She originated, promoted, and directed a successful beach launch dragon boat race until relocating to Arizona. Bowers currently writes from her 1914 hermitage and works as an attendant on a heritage railroad running through Sycamore Canyon in Yavapai County. To add validity and garner bragging rights, Bowers has been submitting long form and flash essays to literary magazines and journals for publication. Two nonfiction flash essays were accepted: "Shedding" (Lunch Ticket Issue 17) and "Last Stop, Bedrock" (Still Point Arts Quarterly). Excerpts from her completed manuscript, "Pushed off the High Dive" have also been published: "Seek and Ye Shall Find" (Tilde Vol.3/Issue 1, an imprint of Thirty West Publishing House), "How to Be a Mistress" (The Bookends Review; 9/23/20), "Island Papergirl" (Burnt Pine Magazine; Issue 7), ”Cinderella Sex" (For Women Who Roar; 10/5/20) and “Pride after the Fall” (The Bookends Review; 6/11/22).