Author: Damien Baisden

From the 614, in the 757 ✈ (unfortunately). Writer✒ 📓 of 'The Scyfer and the Path Between' ☯️ poet, spoken word artist, rap 🎤 with a dash of comedy🎭. I’m 34, and a Columbus, Ohio native. I’m not published yet, but I’m working on that. We all have to start somewhere. I’ve been in the Navy for nearly 17 years. I have an English literature degree from Southern New Hampshire University. I’ve always wanted to write. This story has existed in the background of my mind. Since I was a teenager. When I was in Afghanistan, I talked to our medical Captain about wanting to write, and he said “Good writers, read other good writers.” The degree I got was my way of forcing myself to do just that to “read other good writers.” It broke me out of my shell. Background Information on the story: The Scyfer’s a character, that operates out of a place called ‘En Medio De.’ En Medio De, is a bit of an amalgam of purgatory, limbo, and Mount Olympus. It’s where everything happening in the background of the world is managed. There are muses that influence culture, various lesser “Gods” of the different laws of nature, and physics, and other beings of legend and folklore. There is a Heaven and a Hell, but I try very hard to never refer to them by those names. The same goes for God and Satan. There’s an evil Scyfer, and a good one, but the main character is neither. The Scyfer we follow, is neither good, nor evil. His job is to make sure that neither good, nor evil are forced upon people. Most of the characters who operate out of En Medio De, have human counterparts. This excerpt is a story from the everyday life of one of The Scyfer’s. The central conflict of the story occurs, when our main character’s human counterpart is hi-jacked and given access to his other-worldly self. It drives him mad. En Medio De intervenes by taking an alternate version of The Scyfer, and setting him 10 years in the past from his future self, in the hopes that he will be strong enough to stop the future version of himself when the time comes. This story is a from life of one of the hosts.