Author: Judith Turner-Yamamoto

Judith Turner-Yamamoto is finalist for the 2020 Petrichor Prize for the novel Loving the Dead and Gone, forthcoming from Regal House Publishing September 6, 2022. Other awards include 2018 Ohio Arts Council Artistic Excellence Award, two Virginia Arts Commission Fellowships, VCCA and Fundacíon Valparaiso fellowships, Manchester Fiction Prize, Short List; Bridport Short Story Prize, Short List; Thomas Wolfe Prize, and the Virginia Screenwriting Award. Publications include StorySOUTH, Mississippi Review, American Literary Review, Verdad, Village Rambler, Parting Gifts, Potomac Review, and Dash. Anthologies include Show Us Your Papers, Neighbors, Walking the Edge: A Southern Gothic Anthology; Gravity Dancers, Double Lives, Farm Wives and Other Iowa Stories, and Best New Poets.