Two Funny Extracts from The Ultimate Book of Heroic Failures

The Worst Ever Broadway Play An immediate and sensational flop, Moose Murders by Arthur Bicknell is now widely considered to bethe worst play ever performed on Broadway. ‘Ifyour name is Arthur Bicknell – or anything like it –change it,’ said the theatre critic at CBS. When it opened and closed on 22 February 1983, Frank […]

Stephen Pile was previously a journalist for the Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph, and is the author of The Book of Heroic Failures. He is also the Founder and President of the Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain and was the Artistic Director of the First International Nether Wallop Arts festival in 1984, which came about by accident but was shown on ITV for three hours that New Year's Eve. The next week Stephen met his wife, had three children, became a television critic for 14 years and hasn't been out of the house since, which is why Britain looks so strange and changed.