The York Bar

“You want to know why they call me Sugar Daddy?” A slender Chinese man with a pinstripe fedora angled on his head sidles up to Miranda and me, and a few of our friends, holding a few beers that look suspiciously unfamiliar. Miranda switches from her native Chinese to English easily, but runs her hands through her mass of curls at a loss for words. We shoot Miranda surprised and awkward glances as “Sugar Daddy” lets loose some rapid-fire Chinese and wrenches the caps off the bottles

Katrina Otuonye recently completed her MFA in nonfiction from Chatham University in Pittsburgh. She has previously written columns for the University of Tennessee's student newspaper, the Daily Beacon, and Azibo Press, a nonprofit online publication focused on human rights in China. Her work has also been published in Marco Polo Literary Arts Mag and Granny Smith Magazine's inaugural issue, and is forthcoming in Crab Orchard Review. Much of her work is creative nonfiction, and her travel writing extends from Pittsburgh to China, where she taught English as a Second Language for a year