Purple Bra

I am not interested in art but I am interested in sex, so after I first learned of Currin in a New Yorker profile in January, 2008, his name and his work stayed with me. I didn’t think about him, however, until nearly a year later, when my writing stalled. Not being able to write when you want to is like not being able to come. It is impotence with the pen, or a premature menopause drying up the creative juices.

Lauren Seidman earned her BA at Bennington College and an MFA in creative nonfiction from Sarah Lawrence College, leaving her awash in student loan debt. She toils as an editor in order to chip away at said debt, but squeezes in time to write essays and short stories. A born-and-raised New Yorker, Lauren currently lives in New Jersey, but her heart is in Vermont.