Litro Archive Available to Download via 0s&1s eBook Website

litrobooksWe’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with American website 0s&1s, to release some of Litro’s finest issues as downloadable ebooks. The magazines are available to buy via the 0s&1s website for $5.99 each, and can be downloaded as a pdf to read on a wide range of devices. Whether you own a Kindle Fire or prefer to read ebooks on your phone or laptop, these new electronic versions of our favourite issues mean that you’ll never have to be far away from a copy of Litro!

Originally 0s&1s focused on books from 30+ top independent presses, including Tin House, Verso, Dzanc, Black Balloon and Coach House. The team behind 0s&1s strongly believe that the world of e-reading shouldn’t be proprietary to any one brand, reader, or (set of) publishers, and they aim to distribute digital books that are truly independent, pro-author, green and – above all – ambitious. Today they launched the new Lit Mags section of their store, and we’re excited to say that we are one of the first magazines to be available.

The following issues of Litro are available now to buy via the 0s&1s store:

Litro #138: Horror
Litro #136: Music
Litro #129: Brazil
Litro #123: Mystery
Litro #117: America

We’re also hoping to add more issues in the future, so if you have a favourite issue of the magazine that you’d like to see released as an ebook, please send us a message and let us know.

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