New Books from Litro Writers this Christmas

Photo by macinate (copied from Flickr)
Photo by macinate (copied from Flickr)

Everyone loves to receive books at Christmas, and here at Litro we’re no exception. There’s nothing quite like unwrapping a new book on Christmas morning – it’s like unwrapping a whole new world.

If you’re buying books for loved ones this year, it’s worth noting that several of the writers who have passed through the pages of Litro in the last few months have new books on the shelves – and they would all make great gifts. Here are the Litro writers with new releases just in time for the festive season:

From our latest issue, No Such Luck, Simon Holloway (‘Mosquitoes‘) has a new novel published by Safkhet Select, The Words We Use Are Black And White. From the official blurb: “This interwoven story of love, family and our inability to make ourselves understood leaves you wondering if language can ever be more than guesswork, and if so whether anyone can ever be heard.”

From our previous issue, Horror, Toby Litt (‘There was this boy I met at a party, years back‘) has a new short story collection, Life-Like, out now from Seagull Books. Adam Nevill (‘The Ancestors‘) also has a new novel in paperback, No One Gets Out Alive, described by the Sunday Times as “horrifyingly scary”. And finally, Richard Thomas (‘Little Red Wagon‘) has co-edited the anthology Burnt Tongues with Chuck Palahniuk and Dennis Widmyer, a collection of “transgressive short stories”.

Looking further back, Rory Maclean – who contributed the foreword to our Somewhere Between the Borders issue, ‘Over the Border‘ – released Berlin: Imagine a City a few months ago. The book has appeared on several best-of-year lists, including the New York Times. And Jenn Ashworth (Shakespeare issue, ‘Doted‘) and Emma Jane Unsworth (‘Mean Season‘) both have stories in Poor Souls’ Light, from the Curious Tales writers’ collective – an anthology of Christmas ghost stories for the festive season. What better gift is there than that?

Meanwhile, if you’re Stateside, our American writers have new publications too. Ryan W. Bradley has just released his novel Winterswim, published by Civil Coping Mechanisms (it’s available as an import in the UK, here) – “an edgy, fast-paced story about a psychotic preacher and his good son”. And Wendy C. Ortiz has just published her memoir, Excavation with Future Tense Books, which is already receiving rave reviews (available in the UK here). Reviews of both are forthcoming on our site.

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