Photo Credit: Louella Lester

Well, at first I didn’t believe it when I saw it on my cousin Margret’s feed, but then my Uncle Ben posted it, and my friend Zack’s wife, and then it went viral, and I was thinking it’s pretty hard to fake a photo of a bunch of deer hanging around a work boot, and then my sister checked that site that checks facts and couldn’t find anything, so there you go, anyway it was about this farmer somewhere in western Canada, Alberta I think, where it was so hot and dry this summer you know, and because of the pandemic he couldn’t afford to hire help and was sweating it out every day on his own, while his wife worked at a care home in town, well, the wife kind of ran the show, you know, and during that heat wave she made it a rule that he took off his dirty sweaty clothes near the barn and hosed himself off before he came into the house at night, which he did, but the first time, when he went to collect the clothes the next morning, they were gone and he thought his wife must have moved them, then every day that week the same thing happened, then at the end of the week, when his wife went to do laundry, there were no work clothes, so they go out to check more closely and noticed deer hoof prints, then they got to thinking that the deer must’ve been using those clothes like salt licks, so the farmer stopped leaving the clothes out there, but you know how when wild animals get used to something, and then you take it away, it can get dangerous, well weeks later, after a double shift, the wife fell asleep before the farmer came in, the next morning he wasn’t there, so she looked for him outside and saw about 30 deer all round the side of the barn, now deer usually look so kind with those soft big eyes, she told the reporters later, but those deer squinted, she swore, and snarled, forcing her to back away, but she managed to grab a photo, the one that went viral, showing a bunch of deer and this one big buck licking a work boot, and she never saw her husband again.

Louella Lester

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